What factors affect your credit score

What factors affect your credit score?

Few factors affect your credit score that are related to your past and current financial activities.

Payment history

Payment history includes a record that shows if you paid your bills on time. It includes medical bills, so if there are any that you may have forgotten about, they will show in your payment history record.

Credit history

This record holds information on credit accounts you have opened over the years, how long you have had the credit accounts.

What other factors affect your credit score?

Credit usage

Credit usage shows the current credit account balances compared to the credit limit. The older the credit history and the lower the balance, the better score on your credit.

Total balances

An overall look at the total amount of your recently reported balances. Any delinquencies are included here.

Recent credit

This report shows the recently opened credit accounts as well as the recent credit checks performed on your account.

Available credit

There is a maximum limit on a credit card or account. The available credit is calculated by deducting the account balance from the maximum limit.

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