Personal Loan Tip

When weighing personal loan offers, you shouldn’t necessarily pick the one with the lowest rate. For each loan, also consider the impact other terms—penalties, fees, payment flexibility—may have on your bottom line.

Credit Cards Now Offer Free Credit Scores

Checking your current credit score should be an easy task, free to everyone. Using loans and credit cards is our current lifestyle and creditors use our FICO score to determine whether to loan us money or not. Knowing your score before you apply for loans can reduce the stress of the unknown.

Below are credit providers who offer free scores to their clients: Continue reading Credit Cards Now Offer Free Credit Scores

Did you know? Credit Card APRs…

Did you know your credit card may use 2 different APRs, a standard one and a higher, Penalty APR (also called Default APR)? If you are more than 60 days late on your monthly payment, the creditor may apply the higher Penalty APR to all your outstanding balances. So try your best to pay your bills on time!