Credit Reporting Agencies

The three main credit reporting agencies are:

Lenders and insurance companies can access the information reported by either or all of the credit reporting agencies before they provide you with rates and terms for your loan or auto, home or business insurance. Not all lenders and insurance companies use the reports from all three agencies.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles each consumer to one free disclosure every 12 months. If you qualify, you can get your free Annual Credit Report from

For a fee, the credit reporting agencies offer services that allow you to view your credit report and score at any time. However, the credit report and score that you view in your account may differ from what the lenders and insurance companies see. Therefore, in order to see how the lenders and insurance companies view your credit report, the credit reporting agencies may offer additional services that give you access to additional information such as:

  • Analyze the separate scores for Home insurance and Auto insurance
  • Your rank in terms of risk at the nationwide and statewide level
  • A description of items in your report that are lowering your Credit Score
  • Tips on how to improve your Credit Score

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