Set a travel plan for your vacation

Set a travel plan

Vacation time is approaching and you plan to spend time away from home, maybe in a different country. Banks and credit card accounts let you set a travel plan, to add an extra protection on your debit and credit cards.

How does it work?

Login to your bank or credit card account and look for the option to set a travel plan. Enter the state or country and the dates you will be away, so you let your bank know where you will be using your debit or card card while on vacation.

Why should you set a travel plan in your bank or credit card account?

Set a travel plan for protection and less worries. Additionally, your debit/credit card settings may require your bank or your credit card provider to verify any transactions processed outside of your area for security purposes. If your bank doesn’t know you’re away, you may experience declines or delays on processing your transactions and that can become frustrating. For example, you are at the store in a state or country away from home, and your card payment doesn’t go through because your bank needs to verify that it is you using your card. So, your payment is declined. That can be frustrating and not a pleasing experience, when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation time.

Wells Fargo offers the travel plan option

Before your trip, visit the following links on the Wells Fargo website:
•    Visit our Travel Tips and Tools page to learn how Wells Fargo can help before, during, and after travel.
•    Verify your card is ready for use while traveling; visit Card Controls in Control Tower® and check your card controls.


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