gamestop shares

What’s going on with the GameStop shares?

We all remember the jump in the GameStop shares created by the “amateur” investors and how it upset the “established” WallStreet investors. GameStop shares soared from ~$17/share to ~$347/share in less than 2 weeks.

After that, the price dropped. However, on February 22nd, forum talks started a new trend of price increasing for GameStop shares, culminating today with another high of above $200 per share.

From an outsider p.o.v., it seems as someone is testing the investors’ reaction 🤔

The following information was taken from MSN Money

GameStop rose as much as 25% on Tuesday, climbing above $200 for the first time since February 1.

The retailer’s shares have rallied in recent days as its transition to e-commerce business picks up steam.

GameStop announced Monday that Chewy founder Ryan Cohen will head a committee tasked with leading the firm’s transformation.


Watch GameStop trade live here.

The stock surge comes after the company makes the move towards e-commerce and hires Ryan Cohen, Chewy founder, as the head of the planning committee and Matt Francis, an Amazon veteran, as its new chief technology officer.